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A note from the Editor, Dr Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

"In November 2019, Professor Dasgupta asked me to serve as editor for the Food Safety Newsletter, having previously had the opportunity to work with him during the planning of the 21st General Meeting and Conference of The Caribbean Academy Sciences (CAS) held in November 2018 in Kingston and as a speaker at a Food Safety Forum in April 2019. The latter was in collaboration by CASJ with The National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Coordinating Committee (NAHFSCC), the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture(IICA) and the Pesticide Research Laboratory (PRL).

The first edition contains the following articles:
Coronavirus and food safety
Impact of climate change on agro-processing in the Caribbean
Food recalls: Are they increasing?
From fruit vendor to fruit science journal author
The ackee fruit

Feedback and enquiries about submission of articles can be sent to:
Andrea Goldson-Barnaby, PhD
Lecturer and Programme coordinator,
M Sc Food & Agro Processing Technology,
Department of Chemistry,
The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

Last update 15th August 2020