Welcome to the CAS,Jamaica website!

What a fantastic feeling to be able to set up our own website? CAS had been trying to achieve this for the past ten years in Trinidad but due to various technical difficulties the executives of CAS were unable to launch it. Now we have finally been able to launch suitable domains and and set up these websites. Through our website we should now be able to communicate with our members and Fellows in other islands in the region; scientific information can be transmitted, we can create awareness of the academy in the public and private sector and most importantly announcements of all events related to CAS can be easily made. We have concurrently launched our own open access on-line journal

I am asking all our members to actively use these electronic facilities to voice their opinions on scientific matters and to communicate their research findings.

CAS is moving fast in achieving its goal and make sure you move along with it. If you are not a member, become a member immediately. If you are a member or a Fellow keep your subscription up to date.
Finally, I would like to thank Professor Robert Lancashire, Secretary of CAS, Jamaica for making our dream a reality. I would also like to thank the technical staff of MITS for extending their help to Prof. Lancashire on various technical matters.

Professor Tara Dasgupta
Founding Chairman, CAS, Jamaica.